How to Win at Internet Checkers

Internet Checkers

Internet Checkers is a fun game which comes with any standard Windows XP installation. It’s neat how Microsoft configured it to link with anyone in the world looking for a player for the same game. The template message options at the bottom allow people to reach across any language barriers and just play a simple game of checkers.

I have wasted a lot of time playing this game- usually I end up playing it at home on the computer while I’m waiting for something- on hold on the phone, waiting for a file to copy, video to load, or whatever. Over time, it adds up and I’ve become a competent internet checkers player. I play on expert mode and win about 75% of the time, every time. (I have that line from the movie Anchorman in my mind).

Here’s the tips that have helped me:

1. Keep your checkers in the middle.

2. Don’t move your bottom row of checkers. Not until you run out of options, and when you do, move them out in this order: bottom far left first, then, the 2nd to the right. Try not to move your last two pieces from the bottom, unless of course, you can capture a piece from the opponent. With the two bottom pieces, if you have to move them, then move the 2nd from the bottom left. The bottom far right is the last one you should move. There are reasons for this order, but it would take too long to explain- through experience, you’ll see why it’s usually advantageous.

3. Trade pieces at the first of the game to ‘open up’ your opponent’s middle area. Try to get his pieces to the outside of the board and have your pieces in the middle.

4. Chip away your opponents’ back row. If you can trade pieces and get the opponent to lose his back row pieces, then always do it. It will make it easier to get in and get crowned later.

5. Always look for double-jump opportunities. Also be aware of your opponent’s double-jump opportunities. Try to avoid positioning your piece where you’re vulnerable to such a jump.

6. Capture pieces from your opponent, even if you have to compromise your position. It is always worth it. For example, the screenshot below, I could have moved my double piece down to try to jump over on of the opponent pieces, but it risked getting jumped back. A sure move to capture one piece is to compromise my positioning by sacrificing my bottom piece for two of the opponents’. Often games end up being a tie or one person with an extra piece. The player with the extra piece is guaranteed to win (when played correctly). So, always take a piece when you can.

Internet Checkers

I hope these tips help your game.

71 thoughts on “How to Win at Internet Checkers

  1. AryanKnight

    -i too greatly enjoy playing ms/InternetCheckers, and like the way we are pitted against players of other nations, and have found Portuguese to be among the most skilled opponets, and while the English can be quite good, many tend to be poor sportsmen by flaking-out when the going gets tough (which i suspect may say something about their national character); -you’re suppost to stay with it to the bitter end, -and thereby learn how to win fair’n-square. Wish there was a way they could keep a running tally of our win’score-average (eg: 72%) and enable us to have a ‘play-name’ so that we could get to know one another a bit (yes i know there are internet versions which enable that, –but they lack the user-friendly format of this game that comes with msXP)… ~Robair vH

  2. Nicola

    These tips are very useful but somehow i always still seem to loose. I followed all the tips and yes they are useful but somehow my opponent always manages to get the better of me!! Im getting frustrated at losing every time. Im not a sore loser but theres only so much losing one person can take! Does anyone have any other tips ??? Please it would really help

    1. Foppo Leeuwerke

      Try different moves if you play the opponent more than once.Most players have a pattern or style of play.Be bold go on the attack,you will get a feel for the game don’t give up.

  3. Trent M Post author

    Where to find Internet Checkers…

    In Windows XP, choose:
    Start > All Programs > Games > Internet Checkers

    It comes with a standard install of XP. If you didn’t get a standard install, then you may not have it, but I’m sure you can find lots of places to play checkers online.

  4. remy2k3

    I can’t stand this game anymore. seems like every time im winning, the other player either stops playing and sits there so they can have the satisfaction of winning by me quitting (which ill sit there just as long anymore and play something else until they quit or move), or they simply quit the game. Frustrates me to no end!

  5. Gary

    I play this game now with the message option always set to off because I cannot stand the sarcastic people out there that can’t stand getting beat. They usually play until they know they cannot win and then just sit there, as if not making another move somehow keeps them from being a loser. I like to give them a “nice try” and then move on. I know I beat them and I’m not going to sit there playing their childish games. Take your beating like a man (or woman) or don’t play.

  6. anthony hulme

    Ive played on internet checkers often and I rarely lost. I play a lot harder checkers game now on fly or die, but I do miss internet checkers since changing to vista, I used to use it as warm up before going on fly or die. Can anyone tell me how to install it on vista.

  7. Steve

    I have been playing internet checkers on Windows XP for many years. To some it may seem a waste of time, however, I find it a good discipline for the same sorts of challenges in life. It reminds me that for each and every move, there is a countermove/balancing move. Each apparent threat, is really just an equal opportunity – just depends on how you look at it. I try to look at it as an opportunity, because then I think that way, rather than feel threatened, with doors closing in on me.

    I have played for years, and win about 90% of the time or better, on the expert setting – no joke. There are those that occassionally beat me – particularly if I am tired, not paying attention, or get cocky. That right there is a good life lesson – never get too cocky, as there is usually SOMEONE out there that is better than you, and even if there isn’t, you can always be beat if you get too self assured. NEVER underestimate your opponent. Beat them to the best of your ability, and move on if you get bored. You will be doing them a favor by teaching them how to play better. I learn MUCH more from my losses, than from my victories.

    In fact, I feel you must lose to get better, and even when you start winning all of the time, pay attention to stupid moves you MIGHT have made through the game, that you were lucky your opponent did not take advantage of – you may not be so lucky with your next opponent.

    Some basic strategies:

    1) Try to occupy the center of the board. Move your front guys right out into the center, right from the start. If you are white, and your opponent is already in the center, make them jump you to get yourself into the center. You are unlikely to win, if you are relegated to the sides, and forced out of the center.

    2) Keep your bottom row of checkers in place – if at all possible. If you need to move one, move the one to the far left first, and then the one, second from the right. Not moving your last two bottom checkers, makes it harder for your opponent to get a king – he must employ two of his checkers to do so, and remains vulnerable for you to jump one of them once you get a king, and bring it back toward your baseline.

    3) Think ahead….a LONG way ahead. This is one of the most important things. Thinking one or even two moves ahead, is just not good enough beyond the beginner level. This is usually only accomplished by playing a LOT of games, and I mean, a LOT of games – like hundreds or thousands.

    Fortunately, it is easy to play lots of games in a short period of time on line, and you have access to an endless stream of people to play, day or night. You can just play in your spare time. Checkers is a fast game, that can be played while you are on hold, or just have a few minutes.

    And don’t worry about starting a game, and not being able to finish it. Yes, leaving a game early bothers people, however, better to get the experience, rather than not, just because you feel you might not have time to finish a game. Any experience is good, and other people will find another game in 2 seconds, once you have left.

    4) Fake out your opponent whenever possible. Making your opponent think you are trying to do one thing, while you secretely plan to do something else, is one of the best ways to win. In fact, performing some basic moves can often make your opponent feel you are really a novice, when in fact you are setting him up for a trap. This may work the first game or two, but prepare for your opponent to adjust.

    I recommend sticking with an opponent, as long as he will play you, because he will get used to your tricks and your style, meaning that you will have to really learn to beat him. This is more useful than finding a new opponent after each game, just because you cannot beat someone, after they figure out your basic moves.

    5) Whenever possible, get your opponent’s guys off of his baseline. And if you come up on his baseline, and he has his furthest right, and second from the left checker still there (blocking your way to get kinged), always try and line three of your guys up in a row, right in front of one of those checkers, and take it out, by moving into him, forcing him to jump you, and then you jumping him back. You will find this will break things wide open for you to get your guys kinged.

    6) Always try and take one more of your opponent’s checkers, than he takes of yours. Once you do that, you can play a game of attrition, as he cannot now lose as many checkers as you can. Remember, the person with the last checker on the board wins.

    7) It is sometimes worth sacraficing a checker, and be down a checker to your opponent, if it means you can get a king. Such a case would be if your opponent has a bunch of single checkers all out in the middle of the board, unprotected. Even if you have to sacrafice a single checker to get a king, you can come right back and usually catch one or more of his single checkers, caught out in the center of the board.

    He will not be expecting this, and you can catch him flat-footed. It will be MUCH harder for your opponent to try and protect a bunch of single direction checkers, than it will be to move your king onto them, and all around them. You will usually capture one or more of his vulnerable checkers, and may throw his entire strategy out of wack, at which point, you strike hard and fast, with your one king.

    8) Do NOT try and get a second king, unless you have to save one of your checkers from being jumped. One king is usually MORE than enough to wage some serious damage on your opponent. Many beginners think, “If I get more than one king, I will have more firepower, with which to win!” WRONG!!!!!

    By taking the extra time to get more than one king, you allow your opponent time to get one or more kings as well! And you don’t want that! It is ALWAYS easier to wreack havok amongst your opponents’ ranks, if you have one king, and he has none.

    If at all possible, do NOT allow your opponent to get a king, even if you have to give up getting more yourself. In 90% of games, where you have one king, and your opponent has none, you will win. You have to be really careless or really unlucky, to lose a game, where you have a king and your opponent does not.

    9) Begin EVERY game, feeling that your opponent is probably better than you. NEVER underestimate your opponent, no matter what! It takes only ONE false move – usually in the beginning of the game – and the writing of your demise can EASILY be put onto the wall.

    And the very best players will lure you into a sense of ease, so that you make that one false move, then they strike like a rattle snake, and you are dead meat. NEVER forget, that your opponent wants to win as much as you do, and since you don’t know them, and cannot even look into their eyes, NEVER underestimate them.

    10) Traps. Probably the hardest thing to learn in checkers, is how to set up complicated traps. Often, these are set up, and then triggered, when your opponent moves just one checker, without having any idea he has entered your trap. This is because, your very next move, is to move into one of his checkers, and have him jump you straight out (with no counter jump on your part). Why would anyone do this? Because you are setting him up for a double, trippple, or even quadrouble jump or more!

    If you don’t know what I am talking about, set your difficulty level to “Expert,” and play as many different opponents as you can – one game each. Eventually you will stumble upon someone REALLY good, who plays that way, and sets up complicated traps. STAY with that person, as long as they will play you. You will lose! Do not worry about that. You are there to learn. Watch what your opponent does, and if at all possible, try and learn how to do the exact same thing, when you go back to playing people on your level. This is how you learn – by watching people that are better than you.

    In the end, you may get so good, that you win nearly every time. Don’t get cocky. There is ALWAYS someone out there that can either beat you straight out, or if they catch you off guard. Try and view checkers as a life lesson – always be prepared.

    Ultimately, checkers can be a fun life lesson, where you learn that with every move, there is risk as well as opportunity. Show sportsmanship whenever possible. You do not have to go through the motions to finish every game – once you determine you cannot win. However, “Resign,” do not simply find another opponent. You can always find another opponent, AFTER you resign.

    If someone is behaving like a jackass with the word communication option, or turning on and off the option – so that you cannot respond to them – just leave the game (they are jackoffs, and do not deserve your respect or patience). I am not even sure why such people come to play checkers, but no matter. Most people want to play, so just leave a game with such a vagrant.

    Similarly, do not waste your time with waiting for people, once a game has begun. Most opponents should be able to make a move in 15 – 20 seconds…TOPS! Waiting any longer is usually a waste of your time, as either they are unreasonably slow players, have a slow connection, are busy doing too many things at once, are not taking the game seriously, or are just jerking you around. In EVERY case above, immediately leave the game, as you do not have the time to waste. You are there to learn, not wait for other people.

    Generally, if someone wants to play, they will make all of their moves (particularly their first move), in less than 10 seconds. Checkers is a fast-paced game. There are an endless supply of players, so don’t waste your time with people who take too long to play a game.

    Well, I hope this has been helpful. I only wrote all of this, because no one else here did. Internet Checkers is a quick and easy way to have fun, and it can be used to learn a great deal about people and life as well. Play as often as you can, and employ some of what I have said, and you should do fine…….ENJOY!!!

    1. abra cadabra

      Thanks for the great advice, I have run across the rude people you mention. It does cause frustration…Thanks for the tips.

  8. Wendy

    Thank you for the tips!!! I play internet checkers on Pogo and found these tips to be sooo helpful. I used to stink at checkers and loose every time, but now I am playing experienced players and beating them!

  9. arniened

    I have found that internet checkers reflects common human flaws. Many players are unable to accept losing and quit the game rather than accept defeat. Very sad but very true. Basically, the average individual is a loser. No wonder this country is in the toilet.

  10. Trent M Post author

    Yes, that’s a logical conclusion… you played internet checkers, and some players quit the game early, therefore they are losers and a country is in the toilet. Which country are you referring to, how do you know the players lived in that country, and if they did, how does a few people quitting a game for unknown reasons mean that an entire country is bad?

  11. arniened

    Earth to Trent. It is my experience that many, many players quit the game and not for unknown reasons. Clearly, they quit because they are losing. Hello! What country do you think I am referring to? Can you say USA?

  12. Zaheer Sheikh

    When I play checkers online, I know that most of the players use the above tips, and they start the game with really brilliant moves, but later, they get over confident, and then they lose the game. I play in Expert mode, and about 95% of the time I win.

    Using the tips listed above, players make very good beginning, and most of the time, I end up with less than five pieces, and the opponent with over 7 pieces. This is when the opponent gets overconfident, and the real game begins.

    When the opponent tries to trap all of my pieces, I create another trap for his pieces. In the end, I give up one of my pieces to take away opponent’s two, three, and sometimes four or five pieces, and this really terns around the game.

    Just an advise, when you have less than 7 pieces, but more than your opponent’s pieces, do not take center position, do not give up a single piece because you have more pieces, unless, you can take away one or more opponent’s pieces off the board.

    Unfortunately, in the expert mode, some players do not make a move, or sometimes they keep sending a message to draw the game because they know that they will lose the game. Players do this because they play this game from their online account, and they lose points if they quit or lose the game. Some players also bet on this game. One of the Microsoft’s website advised that if a player does not make a move, send the opponent a message, “It’s your turn”. If the opponent still doesn’t make a move, or doesn’t reply, he/she lose points. After few minutes, the opponent will be kicked out of the game, and the computer will take over to finish the game.

    Please do not keep sending “It’s your turn” message if the opponent is thinking. No one will appreciate this if he is playing honestly.

    Sometimes I play on the Basic mode, because I noticed most players would complete the game, and they’ll also say hello, and good-bye. Some players in the Basic mode are so good that even I lose few games!

    Hope this helps everyone,

    See you at Internet Checkers,

    Good luck,

    Zaheer Sheikh

  13. jarod

    how do i download internet checkers that comes with windows xp ? whenever i try to google a download for internet checkers it gives me other sites and other internet checkers, not the original checkers that i want to play. if anyone knows how to install please explain or leave a link to where i need to go to download. thanks

  14. Trent M Post author

    It comes packaged with XP. If not installed, go back to your original XP install disc and see if you can install the games from it.

  15. Oliver Stemforn

    Steve typed “Checkers is a fast-paced game.”

    No, Steve, checkers is not a fast-paced game. It is often the case that moves are made within several seconds of one another, BUT that does
    NOT mean that it is fast-paced. Many games have positions that need to be thought out, because they are complicated. That makes them not fast-paced.

  16. spinner

    I have noticed in this game my opposition can jump off the wall for double jumps> This is fustrating since you must make a jump I can’t figure out how they do this, move 3 spaces at a time and dont take jumps when I have to. I have even seen diffeent comments in the talk section. How can you type in different words other than the given phrases?
    How can you make jumps off the side walls>
    How can you move more 3 spaces for a single jump?
    Thanks Mc

  17. matt c

    Does anyone know how when they jump you, they get another jump off the Wall> I have tried to by holding the functio,space bar, enter and shift buttons to no avail. So how do they get this second jump in on you? thanks mc

  18. arniened

    Further follow up. Checkers mantra. If losing, quit quit quit quit quit quit quit and quit. I have never lost a game. I simply quit. That’s my style, quitting. I love to quit. Just call me Mr. Quitter. I love to quit. It’w what defines me, quitting. I am a quitter.

  19. arniened is an idiot

    Trent, thanks for the website and for these tips. I have been playing for several years and these are good basic tips for most people. Apparently this “arniened” is a low rent, low IQ idiot who does not know how to play checkers, does not know how to communicate, and does not know that people from different countries can play this game. He also apparently has not figured out that just because the language says “English,” it does not mean the player is from the U.S. Earth to arniened, there are English speaking people all over the world. What a fool. Keep up the good work Trent.

  20. arniened

    I am wrong about the majority of quitters being English. As I have continued to play, I have found the MAJORITY of all players who are losing quit rather than lose the game. Another significant group of players who are losing simply stop playing. It takes much of the enjoyment out of the game when so many people quit or stop playing rather than lose. What do you think this says about all people in general?

  21. Ignignot

    Arniened you need to chill out, you are obviously wayyyy to wrapped up in the world of checkers. To go on some insane rant about how the country is in the toilet is hilliarious. I enjoyed Trent’s response to you as well as your half competent ramblings back to him “I will tell you I am a high IQ idiot”. Is that statement implying you have a high IQ but consider yourself an idiot? I am confused, is that why you unleash your rage on the world via internet checkers? Thanks for the guide Trent, it was very helpfull!

  22. Trent M Post author

    arniened, congrats, you’re now the first person blocked from the site. I deleted one of your previous comments which contained profanity and seemed to attack others. You’re a weird one.

  23. bob

    My biggest pet peeve with this game. Seems like everybody wants to be red.
    Then as I am winning the game. Then suddenly my opponent quits in the middle of the game. Its so hard to find a worthly opponent these days!

  24. Kev

    Quitters bug me also & players may think I have quit in the middle of a game but what has really happened is that I live out in the sticks and Hughesnet and verizon cell modem are my only choices. I opted for verizon at $60.00 per month and I can loose my connection in the middle of a game

    1. abra cadabra

      I to sympathize with you (on the dropping out or freezing) and I live in a major city moral of the story it just happens sometimes You can usually tell who is doing it deliberately by how they are playing before it happens…

  25. kev

    commenting on the quiters, english could mean many countries, not just usa, it just goes by what language windows is set to

  26. Guess Who

    Dr. Trent:

    How goes the battle? Are you still blocking people from your very busy website? It appears that quitting has become as prevalent as the H1N1 virus. Gotta love it.

  27. Rob

    Great post. I play internet checkers a ton and take it seriously- I keep track of w-l-t records (I own a .927 career win % in expert, yes I am a dork), game times, and margin of victory. It not only beats boredom but it also keeps my mind sharp. A previous commenter (Steve) also expressed that the game played at a high level can teach life lessons. I am in complete agreement.

    I do have one nitpick about the article. It’s not necessarily true that you should wait as long as possible to move your back row. Any competent checkers ‘expert’ can dismantle your back row in a variety of different ways. It all comes down to experience, knowing when to move that back row piece at the most advantageous time. If you’re playing someone with decent skills they WILL find a way to get a king eventually, so it is a losing strategy to wait it out when you can be using those back pieces to prevent the other player from getting a king.

    A couple rules of thumb I use for the back row:

    If you can take a piece from the opposition, that is very nearly always worth moving a back row piece.

    If each side has the same number of pieces AND most of the pieces have been eliminated AND the other player moves a piece from their back row, the natural counter is to move a piece from your back row.

  28. Bella

    it was useful. by the way, to those people who don’t know where to play internet checkers, here it is:

    1. go on google
    2. type in ‘how to play checkers’
    3. scroll down the list and look for the word ‘checkers’
    4. click on that and you can start playing.


  29. Boring

    I get so bored of it now… I have it on expert and I still beat them, I can’t remember the last time I have lost on internet checkers.. AND IM ONLY 14!!!!!!!!

  30. donald

    you just hadnt play the kuldillyhopper here in alabama yes i too hate quiters these people cant play an hate to lose they should not be playing at all . ………….

  31. John

    Good article, and a few others have added some good additional tips. I play an opposite strategy than “bunch up in the middle.” I deliberately head for the sides. Yes, there are times a competent player can take advantage of that, but I find I am able to maneuver quite well and win about 80% of my games in Win7 – which gives the win to the person who doesn’t quit. Fun game. I would add the following pointers:
    1) Don’t move too fast. I’ve found many times after moving I had a much better move sitting there for me to take – and I find my opponents often making a bad move mistake like this, sparing me almost certain defeat.
    2) I agree w/ a previous writer – don’t quit just because you are down in numbers. Down just one checker does NOT mean certain defeat, and you can often reverse or at least equalize the situation if you are patient. Some games like that go long. Be patient.
    3) Resign instead of quitting.

  32. Trenchcoat

    Is anyone else fed up with the computer player’s complete lack of intelligence. I’ve taken down 8 pieces using a single piece against the computer because it just mindlessly walks into jumping range. If the opponent quits the game should just end. Why waste people’s time with a computer that literally forces you to win?

  33. justaguy

    Keep your pieces in the middle? That’s all you got? Wow what a great tip – thanks – I’m sure to be champ now!

  34. BeRightBack

    Things seems tough for people who really cannot take the little odd people. The internet is filled with them.

    With this Game, keep that in mind. Keeping your piece in the centre will NEVER help. 1 – The first idea is to be the first King in with you back full.
    2 – Second idea is to be the LAST in the centre. I see people fidgeting about in this game wondering ‘why is the player doing this or that’. Be the last in the centre. NOT THE FIRST.
    3 – Third idea, always know you will be defeated. ALWAYS. Keeps you in the real world. It is a strategy game. NOT LIKE CHESS and NOT AS DEEP AS CHESS. So, keep a light mind.
    4 – Move when you know what the other person will do. Think like a lawyer. A real trashy one with dirty tricks, ready to sell off their mothers

  35. mikkyd

    1st move: open up your seccond row
    2nd move: open up your back row (on the right)
    3rd move: move the far right back piece up

    Other players immediately think you are silly and vulnerable on that side, because it is generally believed that your right side is the easiest side to sneak a piece through to get a king.
    They are wrong. Its almost imposable NOT to set up a trap (or just find one by chance), when your opponent switches up their strategy 3 moves in, to only focus on getting a king.

    Even good players loose to this. If you see me do this, attack my left side. I’m a total noob when my opponent dose this, but if they go for the bait and switch, than I’m nearly unbeatable.
    true story

  36. ron steeves

    I have read all the proceding comments,suggestions etc and found them very informative – thanks to all——Rockin Ronnie——Now back to the board

  37. zxcv

    Can someone tell me that whether cheats are used in internet checkers or not? Actually what happened with me was that I was playing a game and was in a winning condition. I had 4 pieces left and opponent was left with 3 pieces. Then what happened was that I lost my 2 pieces at once. I don’t know how did it happen. And above all one of the opponent’s piece was found in the bottom row. Before that move, there was no piece of opponent in his bottom row or near to it. I wonder how did that opponent’s piece reach there and how 2 of my pieces were lost when there were no opponent’s pieces near to any of them which could jump over my pieces.

    1. abra cadabra

      You know I have had that happen to me unlike you I thought I was seeing things and that there was perhaps a double jump or some bizarre thing I didn’t notice… Hummmmm I see no one has answered your question either, so it looks like we are left in the dark.

  38. Jami Hanreddy

    Does anyone know how to change levels in microsoft internet checkers? I have been playing as a beginner and would now like to move up to intermediate or expert level. However, when I select for this level and then click to begin a game, it always bounces me back to beginner level to play.

    1. Bob

      It happens to me, except that I would guess I am white nearly 90% of the time. AND, more than half the time I am red, the computer takes over for the opponent immediately. This makes me think that Microsoft just couldn’t find an opponent.

  39. Dibbadri

    I just recently found out that checkers is a ‘solved’ game, meaning if you move the pieces in a certain manner, you’ll always either draw or win (in case the opponent does erroneous moves). So, no real point in wasting time on checkers, rather playing chess is better.

  40. kelly kane

    I do not subscribe to the notion of keeping your pieces in the middle.
    I keep mine to the outside, lot less of a chance that my opponent can double jump me.

  41. Jeff

    I think this is the stupidest game that has no strategy you have to jump them even if you dont want to and that is not the real way to play checkers so fuck this game and everyone who plays it is a friking moron

  42. Patrick

    I am officially the world’s worst checkers player. I bet I would even lose to myself! I have tried all the tips and nothing works for me. I’ve tried blocking the middle, I lose. I cover corners and lose. I suck!!!!!

  43. Buck Rogers

    Wow! It’s 2014 and still happily playing this internet checkers. No new comments since 2012. No surprise their. I love my Windows XP!

    (¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸ WINDOWS XP FOREVER !!! ¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)

  44. Bob

    This game would be very much improved if it were a draw after a certain number of repetitions, like chess. This is especially true since a glitch in the program allows the opponent a way to win if you offer a draw. 50% of my losses come from this glitch. I wish I knew how to notify Microsoft programmers of it. I am guessing that they designed the game but haven’t actually played it.
    I am sitting on a game now where we have repeated the position at least 100 times. But this is the kind of player who will take advantage of the glitch to win. I know it’s stupid, but I don’t want to give him the satisfaction.


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